I have crafted this group program after coaching multiple private clients and seeing that there was a common pattern that was standing in the way of my clients' confidence - they didn't understand themselves. And this lack of understanding caused them to have harsh self-judgements, misaligned goals and a whole lot of subconscious self-sabotaging that prevented them from feeling good in their skin.

Here's what we will work on over our 3 months together:


  • UNDERSTAND SELF: Understand yourself on a deeper level through your mind, body and soul. We talk about what makes you unique and what your natural strengths are. I share tools to help you understand how your mind, body and soul function at their best etc. These are all key parts to increasing our self-worth and finding self-acceptance. It helps us to stop comparing ourselves to others as we realise we are EXACTLY as we are meant to be.

  • REWIRING LIMITING BELIEFS: Our beliefs impact our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. It's time to look at what's blocking you and replace old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs that will change your inner dialogue to a supportive and confident voice. 

  • CREATING NEW RITUALS: Our rituals and habits are a key part in regulating our emotions and improving our relationship to ourself. They also help us create powerful boundaries with ourself and with others to protect our energy. 




If you're hesitant about group coaching because it all feels a little intimidating to delve that deep with a group of strangers... let me back up and first explain how it works:

  • you have an online dashboard that is where you access all the content for our program

  • there are fortnightly calls with the group where I will talk about specific topics that are a common concern for everyone. You can send in your questions either before the calls or on the calls via a chatbox

  • you can choose to participate in the community as much or as little as you like

  • although this is a group coaching program I'm only an email away for 1:1 support when needed

The best part is, you learn from the experiences of other women and see how possible it is for you to create these changes for yourself. I have learned so much from the group programs I've participated in!




You will be a part of an intimate group of like-minded women who are coming together to rise. Together we will feel supported and connected to the highest expression of ourselves.



Prior to our upcoming calls, you will be encouraged to send through your barriers and questions. This allows me to prepare a detailed answer to discuss on our group call.  You can remain anonymous if the topic feels too personal for a group environment.



Each fortnight we will have a

1-hour Zoom video call together as a group to talk through a lesson and also discuss our homework/barriers. Recorded sessions will be available.



  • Meditations

  • Tapping videos

  • Apps

  • Affirmations

  • Books

  • Podcasts

  • Self Hypnosis audio



You will gain access to an online dashboard which will house the different modules and exercises that we will work through together. See the example of the dashboard here.



To ensure you can keep moving forward after our 3 months together, I will give you the same templates and process I use to set and implement my monthly goals. This will help you feel clear around what your next steps are after our program. 


Upfront: $1,500 AUD 

OR 3 monthly payments of $540 AUD



"Ash is one of the most authentic coaches I have had! She truly cares, listens intently and asks the right questions. I've had some incredible breakthroughs over the last few months and have looked forward to every session with Ash because post-session I always came out with such clarity, focus and powerful revelations."


"I was suffering from adrenal fatigue due to stress and anxiety from a toxic and isolating work environment and Ash helped me gain my true self back. I had never felt so empowered, confident and not to mention worthy to be able to return to work and put her successful coaching and daily techniques into play. Ash has made my work life a million times better! Thank you so much!"


"I came to Ash feeling lost and battling with my self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Ash was able to help me begin to work past these barriers and give me the tools to work on this area of my life. She helped me realise that how I was viewing myself was actually feeding into and affecting so many other areas of my life.


"Ash has been the most incredible and compassionate mentor and guide. She brings deep soul wisdom and gently nurtures discovery of one’s authentic strengths and values to rekindle the light within. She has a mind-blowing array of frameworks and innovation in her toolkit for healing and growth and infuses her sessions with a sense of adventure and magic."