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Beautiful, I can't wait until you see what I see in you

I know what it’s like to have low self-worth while attempting to live a happy life.


I know how desperately you've wanted this feeling to just disappear so you can get on with life. You wish it would go away, and some days it feels like it has.

You may not realise it right now, but you’ve got a light in you that is dying to turn up its brightness.


It’s the very reason you’ve landed here, on this page, with me. 

You hear that voice inside your head filling you up with self-doubt, but you know deep down it's not real. You know that it's not you.

That voice is the very thing that’s held you back from doing anything like this before. It's kept you playing small and in your comfort zone because investing in our growth can be intimidating at first.

What if I were to tell you that I’ve been there before?






Your negative self-talk is overbearing, yet you’re unable to turn down the volume of that mean girl voice


You take on responsibility when things go wrong, even if they are out of your control or based on other peoples actions


You don’t feel clear on who you are at your core and what you truly want in your life


You hold yourself back so you’re not in danger of being judged by others or yourself


You feel depleted because you’re not sure how to set boundaries for yourself


You rarely take action on new ideas, in fear of it not being perfect


You’re a ‘yes’ person who prioritises other people's needs above your own


You find it difficult to acknowledge and celebrate your positive qualities when you receive a compliment


You feel unlovable, so you tolerate unreasonable behaviour from partners


You feel as though you’re beneath others and don’t believe you will ever have what they have

But here's the thing, our self worth ties every part of our life together.

How we show up in relationships, what kind of jobs we go for, how we make friends… It’s the foundation for everything. Yet we are never taught how to cultivate a deep sense of self-worth. We are never shown what true self-acceptance and self-compassion looks like from within.

That is exactly why I have created WORTHY, a 3-month group mentoring program. Because I can see the key steps we need to take to strengthen our sense of self-worth and I want to share them with you in an interactive and affordable way. 

Do you want to know the craziest part?


I thought this was all normal.

I thought everyone had these doubts and that we just learned to live with them. I couldn’t see the severity of my low self worth, until I experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at 26 years old (read more about my story here).


Suddenly I had nothing else to hide behind. All my distractions got ripped out from underneath me and I was left with a raw and vulnerable version of myself, that I’d been shutting off for so many years. This was my catalyst for change. I was able to turn my life around by retraining my mind and embodying powerful practices to develop a deeper sense of self-worth. 

Over the years, in my own experience and also coaching clients, I have established 6 key parts to rebuilding our self-worth. These are the 6 lessons that I will be teaching in our 3-month program. 

  • Clarity on the core values that light you up 

  • Learning the art of alignment

  • Replacing limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs

  • Creating daily practices that excite you

  • Setting boundaries and learning to say ‘no’

  • Releasing the need to be liked

  • Uncovering your own unique skills and genius zone 

  • Building your support network

  • Systems to help plan and implement monthly goals

  • Switch your perception on triggering situations

  • Reach a new level of self-discovery




You will be a part of an intimate group of like-minded women who are coming together to rise. Together we will feel supported and connected to the highest expression of ourselves.


Prior to our upcoming calls I will send you an email with key insights and intentions for the next lesson. You also have full access to me for any questions throughout the program via email.


Each fortnight we will have a

1-hour Zoom video call together to talk through a lesson and also discuss our homework/barriers from the week before. 


  • Meditations

  • Tapping videos

  • Apps

  • Affirmations

  • Books

  • Podcasts

  • Inspirational videos


It's important we put our lessons into action. To create new belief systems, we must implement small changes in our everyday life and change our thought patterns.


To ensure you can keep moving forward after our 3 months together, I will give you the same templates and process I use to set and implement my monthly goals. This will help you feel clear around what your next steps are after. 


You will receive 10-day access to your own personalised health profile based on your genetics and biology. We will be using this tool half way through the program to identify what everyone’s unique skills and genius zone are. This tool has been used in the medical industry for the prevention of chronic disease as it delves deeply into what our bodies and minds need to thrive and feel their best (based on our biology). We will be focusing on the ‘Mind’ and ‘Social’ sections but you will have full access for 10 days to look at other sections such as ‘Food’ and ‘Exercise’. Read more about this tool here.

Those above qualities describe the woman I used to be.


I would dim my light at work because I was fearful of judgement in meetings.

I would question why my previous partner was with me when they could have anyone else. 

I would have bursts of creative ideas and then shut them down due to perfectionism.

I would reject compliments because all I saw was the negative in myself.

I would give my power away to dominant personalities because I felt unclear about who I was.

I would obsess over how I looked before going to social occasions to the point that I felt anxious.

You will walk away from this program with an unbreakable bond to yourself. 

This sacred circle of women will not only be experiencing similar shifts and breakthroughs to you, but they will also be your soul sisters who will hold space and encourage you through the hurdles. 


Through listening, sharing and discussing each lesson, we will naturally bond and learn from each other's experiences. Protecting and nurturing this space so it is a judgement-free zone is absolutely key, so leave that to me. All you need to do is show up open-minded with a willingness to try something different.


You will find depth in the connections that you make.

You will feel inspired by witnessing the progress of yourself and of others. 

You will feel courageous enough to fully own your power and take risks.

You will feel clear about what things in your life you want to change.

You will be able to observe a trigger without reacting irrationally.

You will discover the confident and worthy woman that you are.

In other words, you will be un-fuck-with-able. You will be truly at peace with who you are and nothing anyone says or does will touch that.  


Saturday 10th August 2019


Tuesday 20th August 2019


If you don't want to commit to a call just yet, but have questions about the program, feel free to email me.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Jump in with me beautiful and I'll show you the way.

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