"I had the most amazing experience with Ash. I completed the six-session program after a breakup as I had lost self-esteem and confidence. Ash was the most non-judgmental coach who supported me so well throughout the program.


I feel like what Ash is doing is so important for women, and I believe she was put here to do this work as she is such a natural healer.


I have been trying to find the tools to cope for years through psychologists, but have never had any luck until now. I am so grateful to Ash for her kindness, intelligence, wisdom and the tools she has provided me. "


Melbourne, Australia


"When I began my journey with Ash I had lost all self-worth which was impacting the way I was behaving in relationships and saw me lose confidence in my career. Through my lack of self-love I was attracting the wrong type of romantic relationships and was struggling to see a way out of my career black hole.


Ash’s coaching allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t think possible. I’m a very pragmatic person so I needed coaching that was logical and allowed me to understand why I was making the decisions I was. Ash always knew the right questions to ask and gave me practical exercises to re-discover my self-worth. I now truly believe that I only deserve the best and I won’t settle for anything less thanks to Ash and her incredible empowerment coaching. "


Melbourne, Australia



Melbourne, Australia

"I started working with Ash through a time of significant transition following redundancy from a decade long job. At the time, my resilience and self-belief were quite shaken and I was struggling to see the path ahead.

Ash has been the most incredible and compassionate mentor and guide. She brings deep soul wisdom and gently nurtures discovery of one’s authentic strengths and values to rekindle the light within. She has a mind-blowing array of frameworks and innovation in her toolkit for healing and growth and infuses her sessions with a sense of adventure and magic.

I have loved working with Ash to explore and reframe some deep limiting beliefs and find myself a much stronger, wiser, calmer person after just six months! I highly recommend Ash for anyone looking to discover their truest and most authentic selves."


"Ash has been an amazing guide helping to transform the way that I operate mentally and emotionally.


Together we have delved into my deep rooted beliefs and thought patterns. Uncovering the impact my thoughts, beliefs and actions have had upon me.

Her gentle and warm nature is all-encompassing. She listens intently and provides amazing resources to help guide you. She is light!

Working with Ash has helped me to transition from being 'stuck' but it needs to be said that the work we have done has melted down into many more areas of my life where I needed change. My confidence, self-worth and internal monologue have all experienced a positive change in the months we have worked together."


Tasmania, Australia



Melbourne, Australia

"I started working with Ash at the end of 2019 when I was going through a personal struggle. I came to Ash feeling lost and battling with my self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Ash was able to help me begin to work past these barriers and give me the tools to work on this area of my life. She helped me realise that how I was viewing myself was actually feeding into and affecting so many other areas of my life.


What I really loved about working with Ash was that she was so flexible and able to adjust each session to whatever I was going through at the time, whether I came into a session crying or with a big smile on my face, she was there and able to help. 


Since working with Ash, I have some great new practices that I am implementing daily, I have a 6-month plan to move forward with my business and I have genuinely noticed a change in my energy, attitude, level of self-belief and most importantly, I feel connected to myself again. 


I plan to keep working with Ash, she is a great coach and a super genuine, down to earth woman, which makes her just a pleasure to work with and someone you can really relate to and trust.


Thank you for all your help Ash!"


"With Ash's authentic and compassionate nature, she made me feel very comfortable to open up about my past quickly to commence the healing process. I was suffering from adrenal fatigue due to stress and anxiety from a toxic and isolating work environment and Ash helped me gain my true self back. I had never felt so empowered, confident and not to mention worthy to be able to return to work and put her successful coaching and daily techniques into play. Ash has made my work life a million times better! Thank you so much!"


Melbourne, Australia


"Ash has helped me overcome anxiety. Throughout her sessions she was amazing! She had so many tools that helped me succeed. I looked forward to all my sessions with Ash because she was always empowering and relatable! After all the sessions I felt like I achieved and conquered something I didn't think I could. I thank her greatly for her help because I don't know what I would have done without her!" 


Melbourne, Australia



"Ash helped me to recognise certain behaviours and beliefs I had acquired as a result of my conditioning, stripping back layers and revealing my true self. Through this I developed an ability to distinguish between the things I was doing/saying out of love or fear; soul or ego."


Glasgow, Scotland


Melbourne, Australia


"Ash is one of the most authentic coaches I have had! She truly cares, listens intently and asks the right questions. I've had some incredible breakthroughs over the last few months and have looked forward to every session with Ash because post session I always came out with such clarity, focus and powerful revelations." 


"Ash asked all the right questions to bring about a discussion on areas holding me back & provided many useful techniques to help change my way of thinking and she also turned what I originally thought were weaknesses in myself into strengths. All her sessions were very empowering."


Melbourne, Australia


"Ash’s kind and caring nature made me feel comfortable in her presence immediately. She has a gentle and compassionate approach and guides you through your coaching journey to help you become more empowered and achieve fantastic results in living a more fulfilling life! I would highly recommend Ash as a coach, I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and felt I gained a lot from the experience. Thank you Ash!!" 


Melbourne, Australia


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