Tell the story of the mountain you climbed.

Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.


Morgan Harper Nichols

As much as I love the online space, there's something about being in a room full of other human beings and feeling their energy.

There’s this unspoken connection that is formed, and I believe this lasts for months, sometimes years, after the talk has finished.


Through my curiosity and genuine interest in learning, I am continuously inspired to create content that will help shift people's mindset from a place of feeling disempowered to empowered.


Before launching The Soul Project, I worked in Marketing and Communications for 10 years. This led me to develop strong skills in structuring presentations that are both visually and verbally engaging. I understand the art of storytelling and providing a succinct message to the audience.

How we work together

Every presentation or workshop I create is tied to an outcome that your company or school has requested. If you have a specific issue that you’d like me to tailor a presentation around then I will send you a short brief to complete to ensure my content is both relevant and thought-provoking.

Topic examples:

  • How to increase our self-confidence

  • How to reduce self-judgement

  • Modern-day mindfulness tools

  • The different layers of self-love 

  • Dealing with daily stress and anxiety

  • How to create meaningful relationships

  • Career direction and purpose

  • How to work with different personality types

  • Setting boundaries with ourselves and others

  • Establishing our top 5 core values

  • Understanding our strengths based on our biology

  • Awareness of our limiting beliefs and inner stories

"Ash's given examples were useful to our everyday life, it was assisting and brings peers reassurance that others feel the same way. She gave an excellent presentation with relevant slides giving students help in self-appreciation and acceptance. Many students, including me, were engaged in the presentation, she most definitely made connections to everyone bringing a warm tone to her conversation."

Year 7 student


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