• Ash Smithies

When you're feeling like an outsider...

Updated: May 12, 2020

There are going to be people who don’t get you.⁣

People who will judge you.⁣⁣

Talk shit about you.⁣⁣

People who will think they know alll there is to know about you and put you in a box.⁣⁣

There will be conversations where you will be tempted to shut off parts of yourself so you don’t seem like you’re “too much”.⁣⁣

You will be tempted to agree with people when really you think they’re assholes.⁣⁣


Don’t do it.⁣⁣

Don’t jeopardize your integrity to feel like you belong.⁣⁣


Because in that environment, where you feel judged and “too much”, you don’t belong.⁣⁣


They are simply not your people, and that’s okay.⁣⁣


Your people can only find you when you have the courage to show all aspects of yourself. When you go to that sound healing event because you’re curious and open. When you speak your opinion at a table that doesn’t agree with a word you’re saying.⁣⁣


They can only find you when you honour that inner geek who loves talking about astrology and the Luna cycles. Or when you openly share your new favourite book about manifestation. They can only find you once you take your mask off.⁣⁣

Yes, you will trigger the fuck out of some people by showing up authentically, but that’s a small price to pay when your head hits the pillow at night and you feel ruthlessly aligned and in tune with that ginormous soul of yours