• Ash Smithies

What makes us valuable?

Updated: May 12, 2020

There are many ways we've been taught to measure our value growing up...









We adopt different versions of worth from our family, friends, teachers and cultures. Of course, we are young when these ideas develop so we don't question them at the time. Instead, they get planted into our subconscious mind and off we go into the big wide world to achieve the things that we've perceived as making us valuable.

Later on in life, once we have acquired a few of these items and don't feel any more worthy, we start to question what we've been prioritising. Maybe we're stuck in a career that feels soul-destroying. Maybe we've spent our entire life studying something that no longer resonates with us. Or maybe we've become obsessed with how we look on the outside without any focus on our inner beauty.

We can become fixated and only know our identity within these pillars of life that we've associated with worthiness. We believe that we have control over how valuable we are, and that if we take the right actions, we will finally be enough.

But the more I've thought about this, the more I've realised that we don't dictate our value at all.

In fact, it's completely out of our tiny human hands. Every single one of us has something so incredibly precious inside us. It's the energy that keeps our lungs breathing and our blood pumping. It's the same energy that allows flowers to bloom, rain to fall, and a woman's body to provide nutrients to their baby inside the womb. We inherent this energy from the universe the second we are born. This is what makes us intrinsically valuable to the world. Not the titles, or the qualifications, or the suburb we reside in.

I used to think, how can we all be born with this same energy that is so valuable to the world, but then some of us commit crimes such as murder or rape?

I heard it beautifully put by Hiro Boga once saying "we all have different capacities of how much we embody this intrinsic value".

I really resonated with this sentence because it reminded me that the intrinsic value is always there. It's always sitting underneath the actions of the human being. It's very humbling to have this approach, compared to having a hierarchy of people that are considered “more valuable“ because of their lifestyle and career choices.

Instead, we all have the same core of this majestic universal energy.

The largest factor that allows us to tap into this deep-rooted universal energy that's flowing through us, is our mind.

Our mind is the gateway to embodying this untouchable, indescribable, magnetic and nurturing energy that sits deep within us all. The fears in our subconscious mind can prevent us from accessing this infinite well of possibility, love and wisdom. Ever wonder why so many creatives get blocked when writing books? Their mind has most likely taken over with fearful thoughts about the book not being good enough, which blocks the natural flow of energy and creativity.

This is why so many CEO's and Entrepreneurs have been advocates for meditation. Because it helps them step back from their thoughts and allows them to approach problems from a different perspective with more openness and purpose.

I love the idea that we can slowly chip away at mastering our mind to embody more of this intrinsically valuable energy. I've experienced this change personally and have witnessed many of my clients go through this same evolution as well. It's really empowering to me that we can turn this monkey mind around, if we are ready for it.

While there are some of us creating really special things in this world, and others that seem more lost on their path, both parties have the same universal energy sitting within them. They are expressing this energy in different ways. But the value is in that thing that sits beneath all of us and is deeply connected to the universe. It's that thing driving us and flowing through us that’s of value. Not the accomplishments that we produce in the physical world, they are simply a bi-product of this intrinsic value that we inherent from the universe.

So no matter how low you feel right now, please don't ever forget the goldmine that's sitting deep within you, waiting patiently for you to tap into it.