• Ash Smithies

Here's what I know about my soul...⁣

Here's what I know about my soul...⁣

She does not yell, kick or scream.⁣

She patiently waits for stillness in me before jumping in with her two cents.⁣

She chats to me all day through my intuition and my writing. ⁣

My soul is the deepest, most authentic part of me.⁣

I feel my soul cheering me on most when I have moments of being bold and courageous.⁣

I trust her.⁣

She's my spirit self.⁣

My go-to guide when times are tough.⁣

She's not judgmental,⁣

and never says "I told you so".⁣

But wow, she gives me a loving bitchslap when I need it. ⁣

She's the part of me that bursts with creativity, ⁣

and tells me anything is possible.⁣

She's childlike with her endless possibilities.⁣

My soul doesn't care about my age, my income or my waist size.⁣

All she cares about is if I'm truly in alignment and tapping into her wisdom.⁣

She makes me want to dance by myself in the kitchen on a Wednesday morning.⁣

Or sing my lungs out to the same song 101 times so I can clear my throat chakra.⁣

My soul is so ginormous that I sometimes don't know what to do with her.⁣

But every now and then I have to remind myself that,⁣

my soul has had many lives before this one.⁣

She's a few steps ahead of me, always.⁣

And no matter what chaos is spinning around in my world,⁣

my soul and I, we are in this together.✨✨