• Ash Smithies

A soulful way to plan your month...

In August, I decided to scrap my long list of monthly goals and instead choose a feeling that I wanted to focus on for the month. The feeling was femininity. I noticed that I was so caught up in being productive and using my time/money efficiently, that I'd completely neglected any activity that made me feel beautiful.

So I consciously prioritised doing ALL the girly things that made me feel beautiful inside and out. I got my hair done, I created a new playlist that got me dancing in the kitchen, I bought flowy clothing from op shops, and the big one... I wore lipstick for the first time in years, just because I felt like it.

I don't care how trivial or superficial this seems, having this as my focus made me feel so radiant inside and out. It's made me realise that planning my month around one central feeling is going to be a new practice that I adopt. It really helped me cut through all the busyness and activities and instead I was prioritising the most important thing, how I felt. For September my central feeling is going to be Spaciousness. I've already started clearing my calendar and honouring this intuitive pull. I'm craving some time to reflect, create and tune into my soul 🧚 What feeling do you want to feel this month?