CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™ is a holistic soul empowering coaching technique developed by the Melbourne, Australia local Soulentrepreneur and SoulCoach Eryka Stanton of Empowered Living.


CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™ is a powerful yet gentle unique soul-based coaching method that empowers you to delete inner fear and live a more extraordinary life. As a certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH I am professionally trained to support you to overcome insecurity, doubt and inner struggle by supporting you to access your inner point of personal and spiritual power.


CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™ aims to guide people to expand their perceptions beyond their ego and many aspects of their personalities so that they may interpret their life, their experiences, relationships and themselves from a more expanded consciousness.


+ It seeks to help you come into alignment with your truest self.

+ It facilitates an expansion in perception and awareness that will help you to discover your own healing, insights and direction.

+ It serves as a way to help you develop a stronger connection with your authentic self and rise above all your fixed ego based thought forms.