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Across a 6 month period, we will have 13 hours of coaching one-on-one together. These will be broken down into:

  • 11 x one-hour sessions

  • 1 x two-hour session

After coaching many clients and seeing multiple mentors myself, I have found that fortnightly sessions are the perfect balance between building momentum AND giving you enough time to implement our realisations. This is how I've been able to co-create powerful transformations in my client's lives.



Months 1 - 3 

The first phase of our work together is all about YOU. Forget the relationship, forget the new job, forget the body you're chasing... I'm bringing you back to your centre and we are rebuilding the foundations of your inner world so you feel confident and clear. So many of us feel blocked and stuck with what we want, and this comes down to our subconscious mind not believing we are worthy of whatever it is we are calling in; relationship, job, business, friends etc. The main objective of Phase 1 is to feel worthy of everything you desire and feel in alignment with your true self.


Months 4 - 6

Now that we have shifted your mindset and you feel worthy of what you are calling in, we work together to take inspired action towards your goals. This could be shifting the direction of your career, creating your own passion project, making positive changes in your relationship, or getting back into the dating scene.

Imagine 3 months of constant support and cheering from me as you step into your power and put yourself out there in an authentic and calm way. This phase will bring up ALL the emotions of excitement, confidence, trust in the universe, while also having this underlying fear of rejection sitting there. This is totally normal, I promise! The reason I factor this phase into our program is to show you how to work through those negative emotions when we step out of our comfort zone and to more importantly, give you the tools to do this for yourself for the rest of your life. 


I refuse to subscribe to the notion that in order to achieve our goals we must hustle and work until we are exhausted and burnt-out. I know that alignment is more important than the list of to-dos. I know that our energy is our number one resource and that there is a smarter more efficient way to use your energy for your dream goals.

The objective of this phase is to take aligned action by putting yourself in new situations and learning how to work through the fear of perceived failure. Once we learn that, there is literally nothing that we won't go after in life!



+ 13 hrs of one-on-one coaching (tailored to you)

+ Recording of each session

+ Follow up email with key insights and the next steps

+ Your own online login for your self-study dashboard which will include different exercises and tools for you to complete in between sessions, roughly 30 mins - 1 hr homework over a typical fortnight. See an example of the dashboard here.


Message and phone support outside of sessions

+ Personalised tapping videos (EFT) that I create for your specific barriers in life to help reduce stress, anxiety and self-doubt

Self-hypnosis audios that I create personalised for you

+ Recommendations of books, podcasts, meditations, tools, apps etc

+ Out of the above mentioned private sessions, we will spend between 3-6 of those as "Working Sessions" where we will sit down together and create things like:

- your online dating profile that reflects your personality

- 6 and 12-month goals for personal life and career

- clarity on your own personal style

- update Resume for new job applications

- brainstorming and creation of new passion projects

Roughly 5 hours of my time outside of sessions where I offer to help you re-write, research, re-design whatever it is that you are working towards. I have over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Communications which we will tap into for your personal branding and your professional image. 

+ A completely new perspective on your life!


Upfront: $4,800 AUD 

OR 3 monthly payments of $1,663 AUD

OR 6 monthly payments of $864 AUD



"Ash is one of the most authentic coaches I have had! She truly cares, listens intently and asks the right questions. I've had some incredible breakthroughs over the last few months and have looked forward to every session with Ash because post-session I always came out with such clarity, focus and powerful revelations."


"I was suffering from adrenal fatigue due to stress and anxiety from a toxic and isolating work environment and Ash helped me gain my true self back. I had never felt so empowered, confident and not to mention worthy to be able to return to work and put her successful coaching and daily techniques into play. Ash has made my work life a million times better! Thank you so much!"


"I came to Ash feeling lost and battling with my self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Ash was able to help me begin to work past these barriers and give me the tools to work on this area of my life. She helped me realise that how I was viewing myself was actually feeding into and affecting so many other areas of my life.


"Ash has been the most incredible and compassionate mentor and guide. She brings deep soul wisdom and gently nurtures discovery of one’s authentic strengths and values to rekindle the light within. She has a mind-blowing array of frameworks and innovation in her toolkit for healing and growth and infuses her sessions with a sense of adventure and magic."


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