Everybody has a story


I help you identify what you need in life to feel a deep sense of fulfilment. We break away from all the “should do’s’’ and uncover those burning desires.


I empower you to step out of fear by helping you to reprogram those limiting beliefs that sit deep within your subconscious mind. 


Our sessions will allow you to develop a deeper connection to yourself and to others by showing up as a more authentic version of yourself.

My catalyst for change was when I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,

at 26 years old.





It was at this point that I poured all my time and money into my mental health. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused me to experience anxiety attacks for the first time in my life, I felt completely broken and like a different version of myself. My moods were uncontrollable and extreme, and I constantly felt scared and alone.


After 5 months of seeing a psychologist weekly and feeling like I was going backwards in my progress, I stumbled across a spiritual life coach named Eryka Stanton in Melbourne, Australia. I’d always had an interest in spirituality but being the self-conscious person that I was, I’d often neglect my spiritual side in fear of being judged by others. But this time I didn’t have anything to lose, so I invested in spiritual coaching and stopped seeing my psychologist.


After one session I felt lighter and clearer about how to address my challenges. The perspective offered by my spiritual coach was refreshingly different to what I’d been told by other practitioners and the approach really resonated with me.  

My story started like many others

I grew up in a loving home with a close family and a pretty normal childhood. I was that kid who had plenty of friends in school and seemed pretty sociable. In my late teens, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship which I walked away from with deep-rooted insecurities and confidence issues.


In my early twenties, I adopted various methods that numbed my pain and gave me a mini dose of fake confidence for a short period of time. These included unhealthy dieting to lose weight, obsessing over being accepted by the ‘it’ crowds, and binge drinking to the point that I blacked out regularly.


It was a vicious cycle that I’d been on for so many years that I didn’t realise how severely it was impacting my mind. 

After experiencing this transformation in my own life, 

I knew I wanted to coach others using this same method.

I invested in my CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING certification and transitioned from my career in marketing to a female empowerment coach. I now help women create wholesome and loving relationships with themselves so they can experience a more aligned life.

I retrained my mind and developed a deep sense of self-worth. 


This style of coaching CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™  helped me rebuild my connection to myself by bringing awareness to my subconscious mind and reprogramming my limiting beliefs. After months of dedication and confronting conversations with my coach I experienced:


  • the confidence to walk away from things and people that were no longer serving my highest good

  • a deeper spiritual connection with myself

  • self-compassion and having my own back

  • more control over my reactions in situations that triggered me

  • new relationships (romantic and friendships) that were based on unconditional love and encouragement

  • clarity in my career direction and life purpose

  • new goals and values that felt completely aligned and motivating to work towards


Glasgow, Scotland

"Ash helped me to recognise certain behaviours and beliefs I had acquired as a result of my conditioning, stripping back layers and revealing my true self. Through this I developed an ability to distinguish between the things I was doing/saying out of love or fear; soul or ego."


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